Name: Hana
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Border Collie
Gender: Female
Weight: 45 lbs

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Hi there! I’m Hana – or Hana Banana as my foster mom calls me. I don’t know why she calls me that… I don’t think I look much like a monkey, or a banana for that matter. Anyways, silly nicknames aside, foster mom told me I should come tell y’all about myself – apparently, nobody wants to adopt me, and foster mama thinks that’s because they just don’t know me very well. I’m a little nervous – I mean, have y’all ever tried to write a dating profile? This is hard work!

Okay, well, I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. I’m Hana – wait, already told you that – and I’m almost two years old. I’m a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie, though I never met both my parents so maybe I have some other heritage I’m not aware of! That would be cool, wouldn’t it? My story started off well enough – I had a loving family with a little girl, another dog, and some kitty siblings, too! But then things changed suddenly and parts of my family went away, and we moved and everything was so small and overwhelming… I had a hard time adjusting. So, my original mom made the decision to send me somewhere else where, I was told, I would find a new family to love me. I can’t even begin to describe how sad that made me, but I’m keeping a stiff upper lip.

My journey brought me next to a nice place with a really kind woman – a “foster mom” they told me. I liked living with her, but my teenage angst made me do things I’m not proud of, so after a few months of rebellion I went to a special school where I lived for a month and learned all sorts of really cool things. I mean, really cool – like how to go BOING on command, and jump rope, and play agility! Okay, I learned some other good things, too – walking nicely on leash, sitting and staying (the WORST, btw), crating, some boring thing called recalls… Anyways, I can’t say I ever thought of myself as a “university chick” but hey, if the collar fits AMIRITE?

After school, I headed back to foster care, where I’ve been hanging out for a while. Not gonna lie, guys, foster care kind of blows. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have tons of friends and the food is pretty good, and we get to do fun things like walks and hiking, and going swimming or learning new games (have y’all heard of DISC??), but it’s just not home, you know?

So, foster mom said I should tell you guys about why I’m so awesome, and why you should want to make me a part of your forever family. Well, for starters, I’m a really really good girl. I’m housetrained and crate trained, and I’m not destructive, either. When I’m outside, I like to play play play, but inside I’m fine with just hanging out (preferably on the couch, I LOVE snuggles). I enjoy walks, and even though sometimes I get a little excited about seeing other dogs or people, I’ve learned how to control myself and use those skills that school taught me. I get along well with other dogs, as long as they’re nice and enjoy playing – foster mom says I’m her BEST babysitter, because I love puppies and I keep them from getting into trouble. I don’t tend to get along with grumpy dogs very much, though.

Like I said earlier, I used to live with a tiny human and I really liked her. Foster mom says I have to be careful, though, because tiny humans don’t like to be jumped on, and sometimes when I get excited I forget the “four feet on the ground” rule. I pretty much LOVE every human I meet, though, and I especially love helping people clean out their ears. Yes, it’s weird I know, but come on how can you not love a good wet willy?!

Above all else, I’m looking for a family that will do one thing (ONE thing, just one!): commit to me fully. You see, lots of people have thought about me, and some have even met me, but nobody can see past my rough edges. They think I’m a problem, that I’m too much work. And really, I’m not, I just need structure (foster mom made me say that) and stimulation – I LOVE using my brain, and I have a really great brain, so I’m going to use it no matter what. Just look at my resume, guys – they don’t call me High-Flying Hana for nothing!

So… how did I do? Do you think someone will want me now? I sure hope so. This is High-Flying Hana Banana, signing off.


Hana is a two-year-old Aussie/Border Collie mix, she weighs around 45 pounds, is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. We have waived her adoption fee, and she is fostered in Durham, NC.

Rhodey – Adoption Pending!

Rhodey – Adoption Pending!

Name:  Rhodey
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Formally introducing: Colonel “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine! Rhodey is a 1.5 year old blue merle Australian Shepherd, who came to CHAR in January 2018 after finding himself in a really bad situation. Rhodey was left at a county shelter in NC, because his owner couldn’t keep up with his training and exercise requirements. Unfortunately, Rhodey was already a bit of an anxious boy, and the added stress and confusion of being dumped escalated his anxiety to a point that nearly landed him on “the list.” Rhodey was lucky, though, because his foster mom met and evaluated him, and she decided that even though his shelter behavior was less than stellar he deserved a chance to blossom with a handler who understands Aussies.

Rhodes is a big boy – when he came to foster, he weighed nearly 65 pounds, and was at least 10 pounds overweight. Of course, he went on a diet and started a consistent exercise routine, and in the past month he’s lost over four pounds. He’s still got a few to lose, but we expect his healthy, fit weight to be around 50-55 pounds (depending on muscle). We are very aware that Rhodey is incredibly handsome, and that those baby blues can suck in even the most cautious of adopters, so we want to be very clear about what sort of home Rhodey requires.

For starters, Rhodey has some stranger-danger issues. He was not properly socialized as a young dog, and when he gets anxious he can get mouthy and has nipped at legs before. According to information we’ve gathered after pulling him, he would struggle with allowing strangers to visit his owner’s home, and vet visits were particularly stressful for him. He also becomes uncomfortable when strangers make direct eye contact and move toward him in what he feels is a “threatening” manner.

This all being said, Rhodey has made great strides in foster care, and has been going to the vet on a weekly basis for training (and weigh-ins). When he first began his visits, he would growl and shy away from the vet staff, but now he wiggles his nub and willingly accepts treats, and allows staff to take him away for weight checks without his foster mom. He’s also spent some time at the local boarding/daycare facility, and the staff has come to know and love him. Recently, he even went on a walk in a very public area with lots of strangers, children, bike rides, etc. and handled himself fantastically.

While Rhodey has certainly made progress in foster care, his behavior modification journey is far from over, and any potential adopter must be aware of this and remain committed to his training and socialization. He cannot be rushed into situations with people he does not know. He’s also not an appropriate dog to share a home with children or cats – his herding drive is strong, and when small things move quickly, he chases.

Fortunately, Rhodey LOVES other dogs, and has been very gentle and submissive with all his foster siblings. He has excellent dog manners, and his foster mom says he displays some of the best dog-to-dog body language she’s ever seen. He’s become the “puppy sitter” of the house, and contentedly shares his space with puppies for hours. Rhodey is also crate trained, house trained, walks beautifully on leash, rides great in a car, and knows basic commands.

We are in no hurry to place Rhodey, and will only consider adopters that meet all of Rhodey’s needs. Rhodey is neutered, heartworm negative, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. He is fostered in Durham, NC, and his adoption fee is $300.



Name: Acadia
Age: 15 months old (June 2018)
Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Gender: Female

Single Red female seeking energetic companion for long walks (or runs), snuggle time and educational endeavors.

My name is Acadia (Cadi for short). I am a 1.5 year old girl looking for a long term, committed relationship with a loving and outgoing family. I love to play with other dogs and would likely enjoy dog sports of any kind (fly ball, agility, dock diving). My favorite thing to do is play with friends and splash in a pool. I am fearless and energetic and will take on anything. I am currently in a rebound relationship (a.k.a.- foster family) who are working with me on my basic commands and leash manners. I like to go everywhere very fast and sometimes pull my person around the neighborhood. They are using this thing called a gentle leader (which I hate!). But mom says it is my “hearing aid”. You see, the big wide world is so very exciting and there are so many people and smells and sometimes I get really distracted. I have what mom calls a “prey drive” because if I see a rabbit or a squirrel I HAVE to chase it. Cats and very young humans would likely not tolerate me very well. I love to jump and have major hops! In my previous home, I was able to climb the fence and go exploring. My foster family is working on this too…but I LOVE TO JUMP! I am completely housebroken and working on being quiet in my crate. I am still young and tend to get into some mischief if I am not supervised. I would love to have a yard and a furry friend to play with. I am great at chasing my foster sister when she runs around. I do get a little sensitive about her getting near me when I am eating or have a yummy bone. I will need a family that is comfortable setting limits and boundaries with me and letting me know who is boss. I would like to be the boss and will gladly take on that role if my family doesn’t. I don’t want to brag, but I am incredibly smart. I enjoy learning new tricks and commands but need consistent training and reinforcement. Once I get my zoomies out and have time to expend my energy, I enjoy hanging with my family and chewing a bone. Mom laughs at me because I will play all by myself sometimes. I throw my bone or a toy and then pounce on it! I am a beautiful bundle of energy and will need (at least) several long (2-3 mile) walks per day. I would love to run with you and challenge you to wear me out! One last thing. Did I mention I love to snuggle? I am a small girl (24 lbs) which is the perfect size to be in your lap, on your chest (or face!) or on your bed! I will gladly roll over and let you rub my belly! Mom says I am a great little snuggle bug when I am tired.

I am spayed and UTD on all my shots. If I sound like the girl for you reach out to CHAR and let them know. I can’t wait to meet you!



Name: Katmai
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Border Collie
Gender: Female

Everyone, meet Katmai, a 5 year old Border Collie girl who had a very rough start to life – but hasn’t let that dampen her spirit. Picked up stray, Katmai was near emaciated, scared, and worst of all – heartworm positive. Lucky for her, one of our volunteers saw her the day she was picked up and kept tabs on her until her stray hold had passed and we could bring her in. Everyone who has met Katmai comments on her super sweet demeanor and willingness to please – and of course those adorable freckles!

Katmai began heartworm treatment earlier this month and will be available for adoption in a few months once she’s completed treatment. Until then, we could use your help – preventing heartworms is relatively inexpensive and easy, treating them on the other hand is expensive and painful. Please consider donating to her treatment so we can continue to help down on their luck herders in the Southeast!



Name: Cordelia
Breed: Aussie Mix
Gender: Female

Cordelia is a pint sized little black bear! She has the cutest little snaggletooth and thick black mane. She weighs in at 22lbs and is a great low energy Aussie (not to be confused with a cough potato though!). She is just over a year old and has come so far since she came to CHAR with her siblings back in March.  She would definitely fit the description of a sweet, mild Aussie who loves to play but also relax on the couch and get a belly rub. She is quite reserved when there are new people or lots of noise around and would do best in a low key family.  She likes to stay in a safe place, like her crate or bed when she is unsure of what is going on. She does not thrive with lots of people over that she does not know. She does best with females though is doing much better with her foster dad.  She has a love to be where her people are and will follow you from room to room, though does not have to be right next to you.  She is food motivated so treats definitely help when introducing a new person, though do not expect her to warm up quickly to strangers or multiple people at once.
Cordelia definitely needs a home with some other fur siblings! She takes her cue from the resident dogs and follows their lead. A lot of the progress she has made has been from being a part of the pack! She loves to curl up next to her foster siblings or run around the yard playing! She has even started to play tug of war with toys! She does loves toys and has done really well at learning what she can and cannot chew/play with.  She is submissive.  She has shown only a little bit of interest in the resident chickens so would do well with a dog savvy cat.
Waking up in the morning is one of her favorite times of the day! She is ready to play! She will jump and run around trying to get the resident dogs to play.  She will occasionally bark when she has the zoomies just because she is so excited.  She loves running around outside and is doing better at bringing back the frisbee and playing fetch.  She LOVES walks, especially if it is in a quite neighborhood or in the woods.  She has come a long way and is able to sit and not run when a car comes by.  She is still working on her leash skills but overall she does really well on a leash and does not pull.
She is crate trained and knows when we put shoes on in the morning for work that she should head to the crate without being asked.  She has has done great with her house training! We are still working on sit, come, etc. She loves to sleep with the pack/family.  If allowed, she would love to sleep on the bed with her new family, though has also slept in a crate during the night.
Cordelia is one of the best foster pups we have had and she will make a wonderful addition to your family is you have patience and are willing to work with her.  She needs to be able to move at her own speed. She would do best in a home with a fence, though does enjoy her nightly walks around the neighborhood. She is spayed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines. She is currently fostered in Granite Falls, NC and her adoption fee is $325. If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Cordelia please contact the adoption committee. If you are interested and have not yet applied, please visit our website for adoption procedures and application. http://carolinaheartsrescue.org/adoption-information/