Name: Acadia
Age: 15 months old (June 2018)
Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Gender: Female

Single Red female seeking energetic companion for long walks (or runs), snuggle time and educational endeavors.

My name is Acadia (Cadi for short). I am a 1.5 year old girl looking for a long term, committed relationship with a loving and outgoing family. I love to play with other dogs and would likely enjoy dog sports of any kind (fly ball, agility, dock diving). My favorite thing to do is play with friends and splash in a pool. I am fearless and energetic and will take on anything. I am currently in a rebound relationship (a.k.a.- foster family) who are working with me on my basic commands and leash manners. I like to go everywhere very fast and sometimes pull my person around the neighborhood. They are using this thing called a gentle leader (which I hate!). But mom says it is my “hearing aid”. You see, the big wide world is so very exciting and there are so many people and smells and sometimes I get really distracted. I have what mom calls a “prey drive” because if I see a rabbit or a squirrel I HAVE to chase it. Cats and very young humans would likely not tolerate me very well. I love to jump and have major hops! In my previous home, I was able to climb the fence and go exploring. My foster family is working on this too…but I LOVE TO JUMP! I am completely housebroken and working on being quiet in my crate. I am still young and tend to get into some mischief if I am not supervised. I would love to have a yard and a furry friend to play with. I am great at chasing my foster sister when she runs around. I do get a little sensitive about her getting near me when I am eating or have a yummy bone. I will need a family that is comfortable setting limits and boundaries with me and letting me know who is boss. I would like to be the boss and will gladly take on that role if my family doesn’t. I don’t want to brag, but I am incredibly smart. I enjoy learning new tricks and commands but need consistent training and reinforcement. Once I get my zoomies out and have time to expend my energy, I enjoy hanging with my family and chewing a bone. Mom laughs at me because I will play all by myself sometimes. I throw my bone or a toy and then pounce on it! I am a beautiful bundle of energy and will need (at least) several long (2-3 mile) walks per day. I would love to run with you and challenge you to wear me out! One last thing. Did I mention I love to snuggle? I am a small girl (24 lbs) which is the perfect size to be in your lap, on your chest (or face!) or on your bed! I will gladly roll over and let you rub my belly! Mom says I am a great little snuggle bug when I am tired.

I am spayed and UTD on all my shots. If I sound like the girl for you reach out to CHAR and let them know. I can’t wait to meet you!