Name: Arcus
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Breed: Smooth Collie mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 60 lbs

Arcus is a 60 lb, two and a half year old smooth collie mix with a charming, goofy personality and a perpetual wink. This absolute sweetheart wants to be friends with everyone he meets! However, he is still learning human manners, like not to jump on people when greeting. Despite months of recovering in the shelter from a painful surgery, Arcus has a happy-go-lucky attitude and is not limited by only having one eye. He is confident and comfortable in the world, if at times a little clumsy. Arcus is great with other dogs, indifferent to cats, and adoring of people. His loves to be close to people- preferably, sitting on them and snuggling his big face into their shoulder while making contented little noises. Arcus’ easy exuberance is infectious. 

Arcus has a hilarious range of vocal stylings, from singing along to opera music to Chewbacca grumbles and tiny, high-pitched woofs. He would make a great guard dog with his baritone bark. Like most herding dogs, Arcus needs exercise and stimulation with at least 2 good walks a day. If bored or under-stimulated, he will tell you with his words. Arcus is a smart boy who already knows sit, down, and paw, and is working on off, leave it, and hush. Arcus has a type of coat that requires regular brushing, which he is fine with. 
Arcus would love a canine sibling to play with and a fenced yard to stretch his long legs in. Due to his size, blindside, and belief that he is a lap dog, Arcus should be in a home without small children. If you’re looking for a best bud who will love you unconditionally and keep you laughing, Arcus could be the boy for you! Arcus is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, and house- and crate-trained. He is currently fostered in Chapel Hill, NC, and his adoption fee is $300.