Sweet boy that needs a patient home.

Atticus is a double merle puppy who is hearing/vision impaired. His eyes react to light and he does have limited sight.

Having a buddy dog to help him maneuver his way in life would be a really great thing for Atticus. This would help him build more self-confidence. Having limited sight (I believe it is peripheral), he has not relied solely on his sense of smell as Gatsby has. Therefore, he is not quite as self-sufficient and as self confident as his brother, Gatsby. He does really well in a confined space or small yard, but tends to “get lost” in a larger yard and can’t seem to figure out how to manage it. Of course, he is getting better at adjusting to his handicap each day!

He loves people and is happy to be around them. He is just starting to use his sense of smell to help navigate instead of trying to “see”. Whenever I am near, he is starting to recognize my smell and his tail will just go like crazy, trying to find me to get some cuddles!! He has a pretty easy-going type of personality and is curious of things around him. And he is doggie door trained once introduced to it’s location.

He plays pretty rough and will need some help in learning to calm his play down. Since he is deaf, it’s hard for him to understand bite pressure, so he needs a family that can work with him on that. Again, a buddy dog would be great as well, as they will instinctively provide the proper correction to a bite that is too hard.

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