Ava Belle

Ava Belle

My name is Ava Belle. I am a 3 year old toy/mini Aussie mix (maybe with Dachshund) that was born blind and deaf. I am able to distinguish between light and dark but not much more than that. I may only be 15 lbs with a sassy white coat and baby blue eyes but don’t let that fool you. My foster brother would tell you that I “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” when it comes to play time. When the resident house cat sits next to me, I try to get her to engage in play but she just pops me on the heads and walks away. Can’t blame me for trying.

I love to go one walks because there are many new things to smell every time we go. Sometimes when we walk in the evening, my foster mom lets me where my own light so I don’t bump into things. Occasionally on the walks, I get to meet new people. I get so excited that I pee a little but I am so darn cute that the people don’t mind.
My foster mom tried to teach me how to use the doggie door but I decided to be stubborn and not learn from her. I waited until she was not looking and figured it out for myself. I am a very smart little girl. She is also teaching me touch signals for sitting, down, and shake, and I will gladly perform for yummy treats!

I am housebroken but when mom goes to work, she waves a cookie in my direction and I race her to my kennel. I love my kennel because I get my treats there and it’s also a place to shut down and relax because I can get a little wound up. I tend to get extremely excited at breakfast and dinner time. My manners have improved but I can’t help chowing down my food as soon as it’s placed in front of me.

I have recently learned that sitting in my foster mom’s lap is the next best thing sliced bread. She will also let me get in bed with her in the mornings. I love when she gives me kisses on my face and lets me smell her face.

If you love vivacious little dogs with lots of love to give, consider adopting me. I will melt your heart.

I am fostered in Wilmington, NC. My adoption fee is $150.

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