Name: Bob
Age: 3 years
Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 38.5 lbs.

  • 3 yr old, neutered male, black-tri, Aussie or mini Aussie mix
  • Moderate energy level
  • Good with female and non-pushy male dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained
  • Favourite things: toys, treats, wrestling with his friends, familiar humans
  • Not for a home with children or first time dog owners
  • Preference given to Aussie-experienced homes with a playmate


Bob (Bobbity, Bobby, SpongeBob, Bobaloo) is a 3 yr old tri coloured Aussie mix currently weighing in at 38.5 lbs, although he’s determined to have his best summer body and lose those extra few lbs (he should be around 30-34 lbs). He found himself at the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him and had a bit of a rough go of it there due to the stress. He quickly moved to foster and has been doing wonderfully since then.

Bob walks beautifully on his leash and very much enjoys walks and trips to various places. He does well out and about in dog-friendly stores and has enjoyed all his hikes. He will swim, although he gets a bit nervous about it, and will need some confidence building around water to truly enjoy it. He has a fairly moderate energy on the herding dog scale and typically does fine with long walks, hikes, and playtime. He hasn’t shown much interest in frisbee or other outdoor retrieval games.

Bob’s favorite thing in the world is playing with toys in the house. He loves chewing on them, running around with them, tugging, fetching, you name it – if it includes a toy – he’ll do it! He requested that his future home promise to buy him lots and lots of toys, as he can occasionally love them too hard and they have to be thrown away. As much as he loves toys, he also loves food and is incredibly food motivated and very smart, so he has been learning all his manners and basic obedience very quickly in his foster home. He seems to love to learn and is very eager to please his people.

Bob gets along well with his three foster sisters, his foster cousins, and various other dogs he has met. He prefers more submissive yet playful females and could wrestle for hours when he finds a dog who he fancies. He plays very nicely with playful dogs and is working on leaving less playful dogs alone. He does not do well with dogs that are pushy or who will get in his face. He has been fine with the cats he has met.

Bob has occasionally been a bit head-shy especially around strangers, and prefers for people not to reach for his head before he knows them. For this reason he will not be placed in a home with children, and preference will be given to Aussie-savvy homes. He also has some mild separation anxiety as he does not like to be away from his humans. He crates quietly at bedtime and when his foster parents go to work, but will bark and whine if he is put up and can still hear voices/happenings in the other room.

Bob’s ideal home is one with a polite, playful female, a never-ending toy basket, and a family who will take him on adventures and continue working with him on socialization and manners.

Bob is house-trained, crate-trained, neutered, microchipped and UTD on all his vaccines. He is currently working on acing basic obedience and house manners in Durham, NC.