Boone is as sweet and cuddly a teddy bear as he looks!

Meet Boone, a 1-1.5 year old reb-bi male Aussie. Boone not only resembles a big teddy bear, he acts like one too! He’s a big Aussie boy – he came to us overweight and has been slimming down by playing fetch and running around with his foster brothers in his foster home – but even at a healthy weight he will be a bit bigger than average. Boone loves going for walks and playing fetch, he wiggles that big Aussie butt as soon as he sees the leash or a tennis ball come out. He is, however, a fairly laid back guy and SO well behaved for such a young Aussie. Boone is a Velcro boy and also enjoys just following his person around the house and flopping down close by (probably belly up to start in hopes of a belly rub).

Boone is mostly trustworthy in the house – so long as he knows the routine, has a set potty schedule, and no tasty treats (like shoes) are left within his reach. He does not go into the crate on his own yet, but does not make a peep once he is in and is content to chew on a toy. As with many herders, Boone does have the potential to resource guard, but with consistent training and socialization it should be very easy to control with this big lovable guy. He has done great with canine and dog-savvy feline foster siblings, both male and female. He has not been around children, but due to his size and tendency to lean we do recommend a home without small (under 10) children.

Boone is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, and microchipped.

Boone is currently being fostered in Boone, NC.

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