Name: Brie
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female


Brie, Baby Possum, or Wee One, is a one year old petite Aussie girl coming in around 18″ and 31lb.  Brie is a double merle with no hearing impairments and only minimal vision impairment.
Brie does seem to have some deficits in peripheral vision and depth perception, this coupled with her very mouthy nature (typical of many unchecked young herders) does rule out a home with children under 10 (as she can be spooked from the side).  She is otherwise people, dog, and cat friendly.  She would do best in a home with a male canine companion as she adores wrestling and chasing her foster brother and takes cues from him when out and about.   She is cat friendly, but would do best in a home with a VERY dog savvy/tolerant cat as she loves nibbling, licking, and generally bugging the grouchy senior cat in her foster home.  Brie has yet to meet a stranger and is adored by her foster parents and everyone she meets.  She is a happy girl who loves belly rubs and ear scratches.
Brie has a moderate-high energy level (for an Aussie) and is not the pup for a couch potato nor an ultramarathoner.  She does well with regular walks/jogs and lots of playtime with her foster brother.  She’s not a fan of super long work days(10hr+) and can be a bit of an energizer bunny if left to “charge” too long.  Brie is house and crate trained – she is still very much a puppy and cannot be trusted with free reign of the home (unless you enjoy replacing slippers, sandals, and pillows on a weekly basis).  She is very sensitive and responds well to gentle correction and would do best with primarily positive reinforcement training.  She is working on her leash walking, she is a bit timid on leash and does much better on pack walks than solo outings.  Brie is a bit of a drooler on car rides, but her foster home is working on this and has already seen some improvement.
Brie would do best in a herder experienced home – in addition to being very mouthy she does exhibit some resource guarding with other dogs, typically just around food/treats.  She eats nicely in the crate next to her foster brother and will happily take treats while sitting in a pack, but if the treats are present past handout she will snark at other dogs who get too close.
Brie would love a home with a fenced in yard, a canine brother to romp around with, and a cushy couch for naps.  If that sounds like your home, please check out our adoption procedures and fill out an adoption application on our website!  Brie is UTD on vaccines, spayed, and microchipped.  Her adoption fee is $300 and she is currently fostered in Charlotte, NC.