Bronco is a 1 year old male red tricolor Australian Shepherd available for adoption in Augusta, Georgia.

He is a fun and rambunctious fella, still in that “I trip over my own legs” stage. He squats to pee and is completely house trained.

He came to us weighing 40lbs. He is extremely underweight, but his nice soft and fluffy coat hides that so well, that unless you were to brush him or pet him you would not have a clue. I honestly was shocked at how skinny he is. My guess is a healthy weight for him would be about 52 lbs, which would make him fit and healthy.

Bronco would probably be what most dog owners would call high energy. Me, I still think there are dogs out there that are higher energy, I would put him on the higher end of medium energy. He is OBSESSED with tennis balls. I think he would chase after them and play fetch until he dropped dead from exhaustion. He loves them so much that I have been using them as rewards with training. I think he would really enjoy frisbee or disk training since he would get to show off his athleticism and eagerness to work with and please his owner.

He has learned sit and stay (short intervals) with the tennis balls as the rewards and I can see him easily learning other commands with them as well since he loves them just that much. He will need a home that will continue to work with him on manners and obedience as it is obvious he had absolutely nothing before coming to our home. Jumping up, counter surfing, and leash walking will be big ones. Oh, and he can easily climb a 3ft baby gate. Despite his energy and age he has not shown any destructive behaviors in the home or yard. He also has not shown any storm anxiety.

He absolutely LOVES people!! Eager to try and please you and will stay by your side. I mean, if you have 2 legs, you are golden in his eyes. He shows no interest in dogs… zip, zilch, zero. He hasn’t tried to sniff one butt, bark at, play with, completely ignores our two.  He is not aggressive or mean. So, either a home where he would be the only dog or where the other dogs in home aren’t determined to make him a playful buddy would be best. So honestly, even as active as he is, I would think he would do fine in a home with elderly dogs as he would leave them alone. He has shown curiosity towards the cats. He goes up and sniffs them but hasn’t tried chasing/herding/hurting them.

Honestly, what we have is a classic example of an Aussie. He just wasn’t socialized or trained up until this point. He’ll make a great companion because his eagerness to please and his smarts will make up for it in no time!


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Bronco is located in Augusta, GA. 

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