Name: Buckley
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Hey Folks! My name is Buckley! I am a 4 year old male double merle Aussie boy. I am deaf but don’t feel sorry for me! I enjoy all the things other dogs enjoy and can sleep through fireworks and that late night kitchen trip! I am a quick learner and have learned sit and am working on down and “go to your crate.” My foster parents are working on teaching me all these new things through sign language. They will teach my new family the signs I know and they say there are really good videos on this thing called YouTube.

I don’t really like the crate because it means my people are leaving the house and that makes me sad. I am likely to complain about it (rather loudly) for a little bit, but when I realize I am safe I just sleep the day away and await their return. I love being with my foster peeps more than anything (even treats!). I am completely housebroken and never have any problem asking to go outside. I have a great nose too!! If foster mom puts a toy or treat or food on the table, the counter or the mantle I can find it EVERY time! And I help myself to whatever I find. I like to collect things from the closet in the bedroom too – clothing, socks, shoes. I don’t chew them up I just like to hoard them. Foster mom said she’s working on this (and remembering to keep the closet closed…). I have a foster sister that I get along well with and will even play sometimes, but I don’t really need a sibling to be happy. I really don’t want a bossy or high energy sibling, that’s for sure!! I also previously lived in harmony with a dog savvy feline who had the sense not to put up with my puppy nonsense. I would prefer a home with no children – the young ones scare me…I can’t hear them coming! I think the feeling may be mutual as I get very excited at times and my leaping and running around with wild abandon seems to scare the wee ones.

I love a good walk, a chew toy, snuggles and back rubs. I have a lot of energy at times but I settle down quickly when I am inside and just enjoy hanging out on my bed with my family. If you want a super sweet companion who is also smart and silly (and oh so handsome) than I am the guy for you! I promise to love you and wiggle my way into your heart…you will be powerless to resist my blue eyes!