Meet Miss Casey!! Casey has so many endearing qualities that you can’t help but fall in love with her. She is first and foremost, a beauty queen. She loves to be the center of attention and with those gorgeous, big, brown eyes, she can convince you to give her whatever she desires!!! She would rather sit with a chew toy (and have everyone admire her) than chase anything except maybe a rabbit!! And her walk even has attitude!!

But Casey is not just another pretty face. She is well-educated and knows many commands. She will love and be totally devoted to her human. She is very fluent in doggie language, even making up sounds and talk of her own! Her monologues will keep you laughing for hours!

She is also an avid traveler!!! She will need someone who will help her keep her feet on the ground – an owner who can control her wanderlust. She has mastered a 4 ft. chain-link fence, so her new home would need to have plenty of room to roam or a 6ft. fence.

Casey gregarious nature does extends to other dogs and even cats. She will tolerate cats once she gets to know them (she is currently living with one) but will chase them if they run (like a little rabbit!). Casey might greet you with both paws” …though she is a work in progress, it’s her enthusiasm that will win you over!

She is so much more than just a Border Collie. With her human-like qualities she will have you wondering if she really is just a dog inside that black and white body!

Casey is currently being fostered in Charlotte, NC.

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