Charlotte is 3-4 year old former “yard dog” that is learning that the big-wide world can be a kind, loving and not-so-scary place.  She is learning about living in a house and walking on leash.  She is totally house-broken.  She is crate-trained but doesn’t seem to need it.
She’s submissive to the two grumpy-granny dogs in the foster home.  She was a little alarmed by a standard poodle who just wanted to play – that might have been due to the size difference.  Mama C is a ‘pocket’ Aussie – only 30-35 pounds of pure adoration for her people.  Her favorite place is at her person’s feet or snuggling on the couch.
She does have a strong guardian instinct that will need to be managed with a firm, but gentle direction.  She is devastated by strong correction.  She is uncertain and a little fearful around little kids.  She has shown an unhealthy interest in small furry critters.
Charlotte is a fairly low energy girl.  We walk 4-5 miles a day and that seems to be enough physical activity for her.  Charlotte does not have access to toys in her current foster home, but was starting to show interest in a former foster home.
If you want a little buddy who wants nothing more than snuggle time (and maybe a treat or two), consider Charlotte!
Charlotte is fostered in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
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