Name: Cody
Age: 9 years old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Cody – Available Soon!
Would you like all the best qualities of an Aussie in a calmer package? Like fine wine, aussies mellow with age!
Cody is a sweet, affectionate 9 year old who takes his job as devoted companion very seriously. He wants nothing more than to be by your side, and will toddle around the house after you, lay contentedly at your feet or eagerly accompany you on a walk or car ride. Despite his great desire to be with you, he will patiently and quietly wait in his crate when you leave—greeting you with a classic Aussie wiggle butt happy dance when you return. There is a softness in his eyes and a tentative quality to his approach (as though he worries about doing the right thing and wants to please) that will melt your heart.
Cody does well with the other dogs in his foster home but could easily be quite happy as an only dog. He has been tested briefly with cats and did fine. He shows no prey drive toward the toy dog in his foster home.
Cody came into rescue after the death of his owner. He does not appear to have been well cared for—he is underweight and lacks strength and muscle mass in his hind end. He has some arthritis which is being treated with a joint supplement. Already with daily walking and healthy diet, we are seeing more of a spring in Cody’s step. He will be quite a handsome gentleman when his shaved coat grows in and he gains weight and muscle tone. He is a little hard of hearing but responds readily to louder voices, claps, whistles and gestures.
Cody walks nicely on and off leash. He is housebroken (although he did do some marking when he first arrived so would need to be watched initially.) He is a very quiet dog—we have yet to hear him bark! His quiet, low key nature would make him well suited for apartment dwelling. Equally, he has been great off leash walking in the woods and at the beach so would do well in a rural setting. Whatever your lifestyle, Cody will happily fit himself in if you give him the chance. In return, you will have the dearest friend and companion anyone could ask for.