Name: Cordelia
Breed: Aussie Mix
Gender: Female

If you ever wanted a sweet baby black bear, then Cordelia is the one for you! Okay, okay, so she’s not actually a black bear, but this little Aussie mix girl certainly looks like one! She has finally started to show off her fantastic personality and has the sweetest little face, with a darling snaggletooth and lots of thick black fur. She has come so far since coming into rescue. She loves her safe spaces, whether it be her dog bed, the couch, or the crate. Cordelia is interested in life around her and is content to hang back and watch. She is growing more confident each day and engaging more and more with her foster family (humans and dogs alike!).

Cordelia loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. She is very interested in other dogs especially when they are near and has begun to seek out their attention for play. She is quite submissive, so she would likely do well with male or female siblings, as long as they let her approach them at her own pace. She has even started to play with toys! Cordelia has not shown much interest in cats nor the chickens at her foster home – so she would likely be fine in a home with either.

The outside world is a bit intimidating, especially when cars drive by. She does not willingly walk outside on her own, but is house-trained and will patiently wait until she is taken out to “go”. She is working on her outside confidence and has made some improvement while on a leash, though she isn’t ready for walks just yet. Cordelia would love a home with a securely fenced yard in a quieter area to help her continue to gain confidence.

Cordelia would do best in a household that is fairly mellow, as loud noises and heavy activity are a bit overwhelming. She would love to have a fur sibling or two whom she can cuddle up with and continue to learn how to be a puppy. Cordelia needs a family who is willing to go slow as she learns the world is a good place and will continue the work to socialize her.

Cordelia is a 10mo Aussie mix who is spayed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines. She is currently fostered in Granite Falls, NC and her adoption fee is $325. If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Cordelia please contact the adoption committee. If you are interested and have not yet applied, please visit our website for adoption procedures and application.