Name: Curacao
Age: 11 1/2 wks
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male
Weight: 15-16 lbs

Meet Curaçao – less formally known as “Mack” to all who adore him. This little dude is 11.5 weeks old, and 15-16 pounds of goofy love. At his current weight, his foster parents are guessing he will be between 50-60 lbs full grown, although predicting weight in puppies his age is not an exact science.

He is quite a happy puppy and loves everyone and everything! He gets along nicely with his three older foster sisters – he very much wants to play with them, but when they tell him “enough”, he will listen. He also will entertain himself with toys if no one is around to play with him. He finds everything fun and amusing and will often bark at inanimate objects to entice them to play with him. Or just because.

Mack is both brave and a total goofball. His endless puppy antics make his foster parents laugh all the time. He’s quite uncoordinated as he keeps growing, and although he would probably not make a good serious sports dog, he will make a wonderful playmate/companion as he loves to go on all adventures with his humans. He loves swimming in his kiddie pool, chasing his friends and foster cousins around, but at the end of the day, he loves curling up and going to sleep. He’s a very chill puppy, and as long as he has a good play session, he’s down for a good nap session. He has a good moderate energy level at this point.

He is quite a vocal puppy, so he would do best in a home where the neighbors don’t have to listen to him “talking to” his toys. While he’s not an anxiety barker (he’s very quiet in his crate during bedtime), he does like to bark in play or if he has something to say, so a house is preferred.

If you are looking for a happy-go-lucky, slightly goofy, adorable fluffball puppy, Curaçao is your man. He is doing very well with his house-training and crate training. He has a solid “sit” and “kennel” and is learning “down” and “wait”.

Curaçao is up to date on his scheduled puppy vaccines, has been regularly dewormed, and is microchipped. He is currently fostered in Durham, NC, and his adoption fee is $350.