Delko is unique and loves life!


Meet Delko! Delko is a four year old Old English Sheepdog rescued from a shelter in Florida. How this sweet boy ended up in the condition he was, we have no clue, but he was emaciated, filthy, matted, and sick. After a long car ride, he safely landed in South Carolina and got to a good vet, and now he’s feeling so much better! It will be a while before he’s up to his optimal weight and his shaggy fur grows out, but he’s already looking better.

Delko is a sweet, fun guy who loves romping through the yard and stretching his long legs! He has always been friendly with other dogs, but recently he had started to play with his foster siblings, and he even picked up his first toy! Delko is still a little confused about the house, and stands around watching everyone for a while before he decides to relax and sleep. Delko does not like cats, however, and cannot go to a home where he would have to share with felines. Delko has a rather strong prey drive and needs an adopter who can manage this attribute.

Delko is considered a special needs dog – at some point in his life, he suffered moderate brain damage, and it has left lasting effects on his vision and his coordination. You wouldn’t know it if you saw him in his foster home, as he’s learned where all the obstacles are and rarely runs into anything now, but in strange places or if he’s caught off guard, he can run into things. He’s also wobbly, and can lose his balance easily. This has no affect on his personality or quality of life, however an interested adopter would need to understand that he has limitations. Delko also needs a completely fenced yard, as sometimes he seems to “forget” where he is outside, and will go from having perfect recall and sticking close to his people to trotting off toward the road. For his own safety, and to allow him the ability to run freely like he enjoys as opposed to being kept on leash constantly, we will be requiring a fence with no exceptions.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion who genuinely loves life and has lots of love to give to a quiet family, Delko could be your guy! Delko is being foster in Lexington, South Carolina.

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