Dewey Dell

Dewey Dell

Dewey Dell is one of a kind!! She is a petite little thing. But, don’t trust that face!! This little sweetie can fool you! She makes you think she is nothing but sunshine and innocence, but she takes NO prisoners in her play with her siblings. She goes for their tails (and other male parts!); biting and yanking for all she is worth!!! She is showing the classic herding crouch and pounce upon her poor blind siblings!

She, unfortunately, learned this play from mom and does not understand that it is not acceptable. So, placing her with a small dog may not be best. With bigger dogs and people she is the epitome of sunshine and innocence!! She acts very appropriately with larger dogs by rolling on her back, submitting to them.

I love her personality and she is has a ton of it. She is determined to get what she wants or go where she wants! She is very curious and loves to explore. She can calm down after hard playing and enjoys being loved on. She loves balls; and boy, does she loves to run!! She is a very delightful little pup who LOVES attention. She has made us laugh many times at her antics and she will keep you entertained for hours!

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