El Nido

Name: El Nido
Age: 13 weeks
Breed: Australian Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 13 lbs.

Hi, my name is Nido, but everyone calls me Ned. I am from the Summer Abroad Litter. I am feeling a little sad, because my litter mates are all finding forever moms and dads and I have not. My foster mom says its because I don’t look much like an Aussie, but that I have the heart and soul of a herding dog so I should not worry about it – the perfect home is out there just waiting for me!

I do like to chase my big Aussie foster brothers around the yard and even though I am little I can cut and dodge and dart as well as they can. When I catch them its great fun to wrestle!

I’m told I have the smarts of an Aussie too. It’s easy– I look right into peoples’ eyes very intently and they just melt. ( I am also told I have very beautiful eyes) If they are really not figuring it out I give a little whine, and they can generally catch on. Humans really aren’t that hard to train! I love delicious things and will work really hard for them. I am learning things like sit, down and to come when called. I am also learning to walk on a leash. I can do that, but sometimes its more fun to grab and carry it. What is the most fun is walking on the woods trail next to my house! I love galloping along next to my foster mom, wrestling big sticks and leaping bravely over big logs (gravity is a little tricky, but it does not scare me!) My foster mom says I have the makings of a great hiking buddy.

I think I am a pretty sensible fellow. I like to check out new people and places a little bit first, but then I dive right in and am the life of the party. People are a hoot! My foster mom calls me medium energy level. I do like to snuggle up after a good romp. I have learned to sleep quietly in my crate for a few hours at a time and am learning where to go potty.

Anyway, if you are looking for a very handsome fellow, with a heart of gold who will love you forever, I am your man! I am fostered in Manteo, NC.