Elbrus is a fun loving 4 month old Aussie puppy with no tail and a great wiggle butt! He came from a breeder who was unaware of the dangers of breeding 2 merle Aussies. Upon realizing Elbrus was blind, they contacted CHAR to surrender him for rescue.

Since he is a double merle he has some vision impairment but it doesn’t slow this little guy down! He can navigate a space very well once he gets used to the lay of the land. Sometimes it’s easy to forget he has limited vision because of how well he gets around!

Elbrus is confident and smart and doesn’t know he’s any different from the other dogs he has met! During his time in our home he has met all 7 of our dogs (ranging from 10 lbs to 60 lbs) and he has done well with them all. Most are older and not up for puppy shenanigans but Elbrus tries very hard to get them to play chase with him. When they won’t join in he entertains himself by zooming all around them! He would really enjoy a companion dog that could keep up with him and help show him appropriate puppy play.

Elbrus is walking well on a leash and can navigate stairs fairly well coming up but is still a bit timid about going down them. He gets better each time he encounters them though. So far he has learned “sit”, “down”, “off”, & “leave it”….see I told you he was smart!

We continue to work on the leash walking and on his puppy manners and he continues to surprise me with how fast he learns. Elbrus is crate trained and does well gated in our kitchen out of his crate as well. He is almost house trained and rarely has an accident anymore.

There is a lucky family out there for this special boy and Elbrus is all set to meet them!

Elbrus is located in Youngsville, NC. 

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