Elsa – Adoption Pending!

Age: 6 months
Breed: Herder mix
Gender: Female

Elsa is a super sweet six month old herder mix who loves everyone— greeting people and other dogs with a happy tail wag and eager wiggle. Being a double merle, Elsa has both vision and hearing impairment. She does hear some loud noises, and may be able to detect shadows or light. Do not let this discourage you for it sure doesn’t faze Elsa! She carefully and thoughtfully navigates new environments until she has mapped them out and is learning touch signals for basic commands. She loves to wrestle and romp with other dogs, play tug o war with people and carry stuffed toys around. Elsa is curious, loves to explore and occasionally get into a bit of mischief. She is a busy little girl but not hyper. She is also a top notch snuggler and foot warmer!

Elsa enjoys her daily leash walks very much—trotting happily along with occasional stops to get her bearings while snooping about. She likes meandering around the fenced yards in her foster home, stopping to sniff the air, and occasionally digging in the leaves and pouncing on imaginary objects. She is doing well with house breaking and has picked out a specific area of the yard to do her business. She often goes to the door when she needs (or wants) to go out. Elsa rides calmly in the car and has had fun accompanying her foster brothers on outings to their disc field and other activities. Elsa is in a gated off area with her bed when left and she generally settles nicely there. She often chooses to nap in the open crate in the kitchen during the day.

Elsa would do well in a home with a fenced yard, another dog who liked to play, and a person who enjoyed long leisurely walks. She is medium energy level for a herder puppy and should do fine with daily walks, play time and plenty of love and attention. She has been around cats and shown little interest. Due to her special needs she will not be placed with children under 6. Elsa has a lovely temperament and will make some lucky person a wonderful, loving companion.

Watch Elsa in action:
Stashing her bowl until the next meal!
Playing with one of her many friends
Heading home for dinner
Learning her way around the back yard

Elsa is fostered in Hillsborough, NC. Her adoption fee is $325 plus an addition $250 training and spay deposit that will be refunded upon proof of both.

If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Elsa, please contact the adoption committee. If you are interested and not yet approved, please complete an adoption application.