A little shy, but waiting to find that perfect family that will make her shine.

Meet Emily. She is approx 2 years old with medium energy.

She loves playing with her foster brothers and sisters of all ages. She doesn’t even pay the two house cats any attention. She is great with older kids, because she is still a bit mouthy in her play, younger children are not advised.

While a little peanut butter persuasion will entice Emily enough to go in her crate, she prefers to be free. She is potty trained but never leave clothes unattended on the floor or she will play a game of come and get me with them.

She loves going on walks in the evening which settles her in for the night when we get back.

Emily is still a bit shy when you first try to reach out to her but once you start petting her, then she becomes your buddy which happens every time you go to pet her. She has gotten better and with time, this should not be an issue. She just needs more one on one human contact. She wants it to be loved so much, but sometimes she isn’t sure exactly what to expect. We believe this is a result of lack of human contact in her previous home.

She is looking for a family that will shower her in love cause this little bundle of joy has plenty to give.

Emily is located on Wilmington, NC.

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