Enzo is a 10 month old male Catahoula Leopard Dog available for adoption. He is deaf with no visual impairment.

Enzo really lives up to being a Catahoula! He’s incredibly sweet and loving! He melts like butter each time you pet him and flops over to get a belly rub. He loves to be outdoors to run and play! He likes to run laps around the yard or just play ball (sometimes even by himself). As energetic as Enzo is, he still really enjoys his naps or a good snuggle on the couch. He can be a little shy at times, but all it takes are some cuddles to make Enzo warm up to new people. He is a very friendly and sweet dog who is quick to make friends with anyone he meets.

Enzo has a hearing disability, but you’d hardly even know it. His being deaf hasn’t made life hard at all for this boy! Enzo is a happy go lucky goofy kinda boy who has no cares in the world! He’s very smart and picks up on training quickly, and is doing very well with hand signals. He is currently working on some basic commands and crate training. He’d much rather be snuggled up to you than in his crate, but has no problem hanging out there while you’re away. He’s a pro at walking on the leash and loves to walk everywhere we go. He doesn’t mind the car rides at all either.

Enzo has done very well around children and cats too. He is very curious as to what a cat is and likes to seek them out but has never shown any signs of aggression with them, more than likely he just wants to play. He does love to be with other dogs but he loves his people too! He’d much rather be getting cuddles from his person than hanging with the other dogs. Enzo has acclimated to a life as an indoor pet and has no complaints!

Enzo is such an incredibly sweet and loving boy. You can actually feel his love and gratitude through his actions. And you can see his heart through those beautiful blue eyes! He makes me smile every day.

Enzo is being fostered in Hickory, NC.

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