Name: Faith & Buffy
Age: 13 weeks
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female

Faith is a 14 week old puppy who is looking for her forever home. She was brought in with her sister, Buffy, and both completed treatment for sarcoptic mange. Her fur has come back in wonderfully and she has a gorgeous black coat with a few white sprinkles on her chest. 
She really enjoys playing with her foster siblings and will keep playing even after they have tuckered out. Faith would do best in a home with a male canine companion to show her the ropes. She loves to cuddle and play whenever she is allowed!
She also is really great with entertaining herself with all the toys she can find when the older dogs are tired. She did bark back at the neighbor dogs who were curious about her, though was able to be distracted quite easily! 
She has done really well with people and definitely likes new people to get on her level before she will approach them. Once she has met someone though she loves them and will take all the pets and belly rubs she can get. She would probably be better in a house with older children as sudden noises and movements can be a bit alarming. 
Faith is working on house and crate training.She should be in the 40-50lb range once full grown.  She is fully vaccinated for her age and is microchipped.  She is subject to a spay deposit of $100 to ensure she is spayed by 6 months of age.  Faith will need a new home committed to continuing her socialization and training, this will need to include at least one professional puppy or obedience course.  Her adoption fee is $350 and she is currently fostered in Granite Falls, NC.