Name: Felicity
Age: 12 weeks
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female
Weight: 15 pounds

Felicity is a four and a half month old Aussie mix, who is a typical herder – sweet, incredibly smart, and high energy. She’s very curious and brave, and loves to explore new places and meet new people and dogs.


She’s a playful, spunky pup, who has developed a strong bond with her foster parents, but also has a bit of an independent streak. She will happily explore the yard or splash around in the creek by herself, but still every so often she comes running up to her foster mom to check in. She is very connected to her people and loves to be a part of all the activities, but doesn’t have to be right on top of you at all times and is happy to entertain herself. She loves wrestling with her grown-up foster siblings and chasing them around the yard. She does the cutest crouch and stalk routine, and she’s tough enough to roll around with all the big dogs! Because she is independent and likes to explore her surroundings, her foster parents have been working hard on her learning a solid recall – she now knows coming when called means lots of yummy treats and belly rubs! She has improved a lot, but will need additional practice with her new family before she can be off leash in an un-fenced, unfamiliar area.


Felicity loves to chase a frisbee or ball, but hasn’t quite learned the art of bringing it back to her human (she thinks it’s way more fun to play keep away with her prize!). She will spend hours in the yard – running and playing with her humans, splashing in the water and playing in the mud of the creek, wrestling with her dog friends, and finding tons of cool sticks. After she’s used up every ounce of her energy, she loves to snuggle up with her people for the evening. As long as she gets enough exercise, she’s the perfect combination of ready to go on any adventure with her humans during the day, and happy to snuggle up and hang out at night. She will definitely need a home that can provide her with lots of exercise and mental stimulation. She will fearlessly jump over, climb onto, and run under obstacles. She encountered an agility tunnel in the yard and immediately ran through it all on her own – and thought it was the best thing ever! She loves the water and the first time she went to a lake she hopped right in and started swimming around. She is super smart, has energy and drive, is interested in obstacles and toys, and will be a nice medium size with an athletic build – her foster mom thinks she has great potential for all sorts of dog sports!


Felicity’s foster home has been working hard on socializing her, and she is doing amazingly. She gets along great with all dogs she meets, and will sit calmly with her foster parents at a restaurant or bar with lots of different people coming up to pet her. She has handled new places, weird things (strollers, boats, wheelchairs), and scary loud noises like a champ! She’s crate trained, and just about potty trained (if she has an accident, most likely her foster parents just missed her cue that she had to go out).


Although she gets along wonderfully with all the dogs she meets and has playdates with, she is a typical female herder in that if she’s challenged by another dog, she will definitely stand up for herself. As she gets older, her foster mom feels she will not do well living in a home with a very dominant dog – especially another female. She would, however, love an easygoing doggie sibling who has the energy to match hers and loves to play just as much as she does! She will also need a home that continues her firm, consistent training, so she understands that the humans run the household, not her.

Felicity is an amazing little pup and would be the perfect fit for an experienced home with a commitment to training, an active lifestyle, and an interest in dog sports.