Name: Freddie
Age: 5-7 years old
Breed: Mini Aussie
Gender: Male

Freddie is a very sweet 5-7 year old Aussie boy. On the smaller side, coming in at only 45 pounds, he is the perfect constant companion. He spent his entire first part of his life outside, before coming to CHAR. He was covered in tight matts over 85% of his body. He had to be shaved for two hours to free him from them. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time! He is fully potty trained and can be left out in the house all by himself. Since he is out of his teen years, you don’t have to worry about coming home to chewed up shoes! Freddie LOVES his dog bed & bones.

Freddie is a bit anxious with new dogs. He IS friendly with proper introduction and time for everyone to relax and meet. He would do best in a home either as an only dog, or with a dog who does not compete for attention. He is 110% a Velcro dog and sees himself as the canine male alpha of the home. He will follow you around the entire house (bathroom included!). However, he does not get up on furniture or jump up on people – he is the PERFECT gentleman! He does well with dog savvy cats and ignores them.

For an “older” dog, he can keep up with the youngest of them! He loves balls and to go for walks (learning leash skills quickly). He is on the higher end of energy level, but once he has had a good long walk/hike, or play session, he will curl up at your feet for movie night. He does NOT handle a crate well, as it increases his anxiety. He rides very well in the car.

Freddie loves his people – all people, actually. He has yet to meet a human that he did not instantly love. He LOVES (respectful) children and has even done well with the toddlers and babies he has met. He does sometimes display a little resource guarding over his foster mom towards the other alpha male dog in the home (never towards a human). He has gotten MUCH better since arriving and we strongly believe that this will disappear once his is secure and confident in his new home.

Freddie has so much love to give and would love a family to call his own. He is such a good dog and deserves to spend the latter half of his life with a family inside a loving home.

Freddie is heart worm positive and is currently undergoing heartworm treatment. He will be ready for adoption around the end of January. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. He is currently fostered in Greenville, SC and his adoption fee is $250.