Name: Gila
Age: 14 months
Breed: German Shepherd/Aussie mix
Gender: Female

Gila (“hee-la” like the lizard!) is available for adoption! Gila – Gila Monster to her friends – is a 13 month old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. A well-meaning young family purchased her as a puppy, but they just couldn’t keep up with her energy level, and so she came to live with us. 

Gila is a very pleasant dog to be around. She is soft, but not at all sensitive. She is very much a people dog with good recall, and she is socially appropriate with dogs after a proper introduction. Gila is very interested in cats, and while she takes redirection well, we would prefer a no-cat home for her (or a home where the cats are kept separate). Gila LOVES children, and is incredibly gentle and sweet no matter the size or age of the human puppy she meets.

Pictures don’t do this gorgeous girl justice. She is about 21” tall, and 40 or so pounds. She has no muscle, so she should fill out to be a little heavier. Gila is a fast dog with natural leaping abilities, and she appears to have natural collection and solid rear end awareness. She is longer like a GSD, but pops on her jumps like an Aussie.

Gila is willing to do anything and everything for food. She has shown to be a very biddable dog with rock solid nerves. She is willing to work until she gets it right. She takes quickly to obedience training and has been able to fade lures pretty quickly.

Gila has been introduced to agility jumps and a wobble board. She took to both immediately and without hesitation. “Perching” on all kids of random objects and pedestals has become one of her favorite games. Gila has also shown a good nose and good hunt drive, and would be a great candidate for scentwork. She would also do well in agility, barn hunt, or rally, with the right handler of course. Her toy drive is medium, but we believe that drive can be built. She has some good physical attributes for a disc dog, but is not as ecstatic for toys as she is for food. She also has a soft bite. She has been working on tug drive, and it has improved, but still needs more work.

This girl is very much a busybody, and always eager for something to do. She will settle after work and exercise but does need that before relaxing. She is quiet and clean in her kennel, and housetrained. She uses a bell at her foster home to indicate she would like to go outside, but she does abuse her privileges occasionally. Gila’s biggest flaw is that she is rather destructive, and she will not hesitate to find “edible” objects around the house – even ones you had no clue were there. At this point, Gila cannot have any soft toys (though they are her favorite), because she will destroy and eat them. Because of this, Gila absolutely must be crated when unattended. This also means that, while Gila does adore children, she may not be the best fit for a busy household with small children’s toys constantly scattered about. Take it from us – obstructions suck.

She’s best suited for a handler who prefers gentler souls that still have a strong desire to work and good working stamina. If you like to tame the devil, this is not a dog for you. That being said, Gila is very high energy, and requires a great deal of exercise. Currently, she gets 3-4 miles of walks a day, plus training and play time, and she’s still rarely sitting still. Also, she’s got a knack for opening latches and doors, and has no issues entertaining herself when given the opportunity.

Gila MUST have a fenced yard, and will not be happy living in an apartment. She would do well as both an only dog and with canine siblings, but she would do best with a friendly, playful male dog companion of a similar size. (Please do not assume that a dog “sibling” will provide Gila with the exercise she needs. She will need 1-2 hours of individual exercise and training time EACH DAY in addition to regular play time and walks.) Preference will be given to applicants with dog sports in mind, however that is not a requirement. Gila will not be a good, laid back couch potato dog and will require a great deal of daily exercise and training. We will require her adopter to enroll in an obedience class of some sort immediately after adoption.

Gila is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. She is fostered in Durham, NC, and her adoption fee is $300.

If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Gila please contact the adoption committee. If you are interested and have not yet applied please visit our website for adoption procedures and application.