Meet Harvest! This sweet boy is a 10 month old red tricolor Aussie boy that CHAR rescued from a Georgia shelter. He’s medium-sized, has a beautiful full tail, and the cutest ears ever!

Harvest is a happy pup who really enjoys being with people. He plays well with other dogs, and seems cat-neutral. He would probably be fine with older children who respect dogs and won’t get knocked over easily. He likes toys, especially his Kong, which he carries around like it’s his lovey.

Harvest is crate-trained and has been improving walking on leash. He is highly trainable and treat-motivated – would definitely benefit from positive obedience training. He is active but settles nicely. His foster sometimes still has to remind Harvest not to jump up, but he’s improved tremendously since leaving the shelter.

Harvest would be a great candidate for agility or herding! He enjoys playing in the pool so he might also do well in dock-diving. Whomever commits to this sweet pup, putting sufficient time into his training, will find Harvest to be the most wonderful dog ever!

Harvest is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and fostered in northeast Georgia. His adoption fee is $275.

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