Name: Iggy
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Hi! My name is Iggy, but because i’m a bit of a chunk, my foster parents and friends call me Iggy Piggy. I dont mind it tho. I like the way it sounds. I think I’m about 1.5years of age. I pretty much grew up outside and didnt have much interaction with other dogs. When I came into the shelter, my red merle coat was really bleached out by spending so much time in the sun. But foster mom has been helping me with that and already my coat is looking so much better! I also have pretty dry skin, but when foster mom adds coconut oil to my food, I eat it all up! I know it will help my skin and coat, but it’s pretty tasty as well! I’ve been on a diet since i was sprung out of the shelter. I weighed about 50lbs, but am already starting to feel better and have been getting a lot of exercise running around in the yard with my foster siblings! I am pretty timid of people, especially when they try to reach over my head to pet me and I have learned to really like walking and exploring on the leash. Whenever someone reaches over my head or puts a leash on me, my instinct is to just lay down. But we are working on it and already my foster parents can pet me on my head! I love good pets and ear scratches and belly scratches and butt scratches. Basically all pets and scratches are great!
I think my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is to stretch my whole body out with my back legs behind me like a frog and then crawl down the hill in the backyard. I can scratch my own belly this way and the grass feels soooooo nice! My foster parents call me a frog dog. I dont know what that means, but whenever I do this, they laugh, so it must be pretty good! The other thing I like to do is cuddle and snuggle and give kisses. I think I’m the best at it. Nobody knows how to give kisses better than me. Believe it. I’m the best at it. My kisses are tremendous.
I will hang out in a crate without any troubles if you need me to, but i much prefer sleeping in the bedroom with my people. My foster parents would put me in a crate at night but then one day they decided I could sleep in their room. I just curl up on the dog bed beside their bed and fall fast to sleep. I just want to be with my people.
I have a lot of foster brothers and a sister. I even have a few foster felines. I will admit. I have chased them, but I stop when my foster mom tells me to. I have also snuggled with them as well. I dont mind them. I’ve even met horses and I was very polite to them.
I probably would be best at an experienced Aussie home with no young children. I do tend to give some herding nips. I also like to do some butt-grabbing of my foster brothers. But it’s all in good fun. When I came here, I really didnt understand any dog social things, but my brothers and sister have really helped me learn to share toys and not steal food or toys from them.
I’m up to date on all of my shots and preventatives. I’m microchipped, neutered and ready for my new home! I am currently fostered in Winston Salem, NC and my adoption fee is $300.