Iris is one of the Mini Flowers pulled from a hoarding situation earlier this summer. She has blossomed so much since entering foster care! She has become quite attached to, and affectionate with her foster mom. She greets her with excited whines and a happy wiggle butt; eagerly seeking petting and taking tasty treats from her hand. Iris is still quite shy with other people. She does not want to be touched by them and if directly approached will cower. She did show signs of becoming more comfortable with a week long visitor at her foster home – so in time this behavior should lessen or cease. Iris has a wonderful disposition! She will form a very special bond with “her person” and with time and patience her desire to bond will extend to others.

Like the other mini flowers, Iris is initially more comfortable outside and will require a home with a securely fenced yard so she can safely explore and hang out with her people. She enjoys romping around her yard and dashing madly about when first let out in the morning.

Iris loves leash walking in unpopulated wooded areas and romping on quiet beaches with her canine foster siblings. She gets so excited when the leash is brought out and hops eagerly in the car to go on an outing. She is working on walking in more populated areas and has become more comfortable with it.

Iris has plenty of energy outside but is typically quiet in the house. She gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home, enjoys their company, and will play with them. She ignored cats in a previous foster home and would do fine with future feline siblings. We would not recommend small children, but older respectful children who understand she needs her space would be fine.

Her foster mom’s “perfect home for Iris” list:

  • At least one doggy companion who is solidly social/comfortable with people.
  • A quiet, smaller household with people who do not have many visitors and will provide her with a safe space when company comes.
  • A private fenced yard with some space to lope about and sniff and a person who will putter around the yard with her.
  • A quiet, somewhat rural place to take walks.
  • Someone who will appreciate the attachment of a dog who may only show her true affectionate, devoted nature to a special few, but will be gentle with all.

Iris is 3-4 years old and just shy of 30 pounds. She is housebroken, spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. She is currently fostered in Manteo, NC.

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