Name: Jasmine
Age: 3 years
Breed: Mini Aussie
Gender: Female
Weight: 30 pounds

Jasmine is a beautiful 3 year old, red merle mini Aussie. She is part of the Mini Flowers group that came from a bad situation of hoarding earlier this summer.

When Jasmine came into Carolina Hearts, she was a very shy dog that only wanted to hide and would never make eye contact with people. She would cower and tremble to the touch, which would literally break your heart to watch. After several months in her foster home, she has come leaps and bounds in her progress.

She absolutely loves her morning laps around the yard and takes it all in by rolling around on her back to soak in all the morning dew (which is quite adorable to watch). Jasmine enjoys following her foster mom around the yard, like a furry, little shadow. She has learned how to hang out outside of her crate (her safe place) in the kitchen (mostly over the air vent to keep cool) and likes to supervise her foster brothers and sisters running around acting crazy. Much like her siblings, she loves to be outside – she runs laps around and explores, sniffs the air and takes in all the sights and sounds. You can see her smile from one ear to the other when she’s outside, so a securely fenced in yard would be ideal for her. Once she is ready to come back inside, she quietly waits outside the back door.

Jasmine has gained confidence to be around people and her foster siblings. She knows to come when called for and she listens very well – she’ll even go in her crate when asked. She sits quietly and lets you brush her, trim her nails and pet her all over. Physical interaction has been the most difficult with sweet Jasmine. It’s taken quite some time for her to understand people are there to love her and not hurt her. She is still quite unsure of human interaction, but is taking it day by day. This will only improve with time, she’s came so far already. She does just fine with other dogs and cats – though she would prefer a non-pushy sibling. Small children make her nervous, as well as loud noises and sudden movements – but even with those things she has improved greatly and will continue to improve as she gains more confidence. Jasmine is crate trained and mostly house trained. She may have an occasional accident if she has been scared suddenly or left out too long without a potty break.

Jasmine will need someone understanding that will be committed to continuing to boost her confidence and give her the time to blossom into the amazing Aussie girl her foster mom knows she can be.

Jasmine is fostered in Hickory, NC and her adoption fee is $250.00. She is up to date on vaccines, spayed, microchipped, and on heartworm preventatives.

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