Sweet & sassy, Kenzie steals hearts!!

Meet Kenzie, a 12 week old red tricolor Aussie puppy with a tail. Kenzie is a sweetheart of a girl who will immediately start thumping her tail when you walk in the room, even if she is a little nervous. This pup didn’t have much socialization, as she was born outside in a pen full of mud, and stayed there until she was rescued. Her transition from nearly feral to house puppy has gone very well, however! She loves playing with her foster siblings (even the cat!), and is coming out of her shell more each day. Kenzie will probably never be a social butterfly, but she will bond quickly and fiercely with her new adopter and definitely end up someone’s “heart dog”.

Kenzie is a fluffball of a puppy already, so if you’re looking for a dog on the higher end of the grooming scale, she may not be the one for you. We’re currently working on paper and house training with Kenzie, but as with any puppy it takes time.

This little girl is not afraid to use her voice, and will even tell the big dogs when she’s uncomfortable or has had enough play for one day. She is a quick learner and would excel as a running partner, or possibly even in dog sports if her handler took it slow.

Kenzie is currently fostered in Lexington, SC.

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