Laya is a princess true to her name. Her beauty, sense of adventure, love for her human, and striking blue eyes always make her the center of attention where ever she goes… be it PetSmart, Panera, the WhiteWater Center for St. Patty’s day, or a large doggie event like Pet Palooza! With a knowledgeable handler/owner, Laya is the perfect all around companion – eager to be by your side and please – and absolutely loves car rides so she’ll go anywhere with you!

She is incredibly treat driven and has come a long way in basic obedience. She has a great recall too! Laya has learned to wait for her food and only “release” to go for it when told. No food aggression, although if you leave food unattended don’t expect it to be there when you get back – her foster family is working on this one.

She has very good leash manners and will walk right by your side. She will react to intensely barking dogs, however she has made considerable progress in her foster home and with the right direction is able to sit, down, and stay with attention on her foster mom! She does well in public around other dogs, paying almost no attention to them
unless they walk up – in which case she might give them a sniff or two.

As a 3-4 year old, Laya has the added benefit of being FULLY housebroken and trustworthy to be left home alone for longer periods of time and at night. She currently spends the workdays with her Aussie foster brother, Mishka, home alone with plenty of toys to keep them entertained.

Laya is believed (our best guess) to be a mix of all the best qualities of an Aussie with some other (larger) breed. She is tall and weighs 53lbs, but can curl up into a puppy ball that is so small and cute you wouldn’t believe her size!

Princess Laya loves to snuggle and will follow you from room to room. Inside she is such a calm girl, but outside loves the adventure and exercise. She is the BEST running buddy and can easily run a speedy 5K or go for a really long walk or hike. Laya has taken to agility and can do 3 jumps followed by a hoop/tire jump, which she easily picked
up within about 10 minutes!

Her ideal forever family would allow for ample amounts of exercise, training, agility or something of the like, and love. Laya requires an experienced owner as her prey drive is high and she is ridiculously intelligent – like most Aussies, she thinks she can outsmart her humans! She will need someone to lead and continue challenging her mental acuity.

She is great around both female and male dogs of all sizes, but is not suitable for a home with cats or other small pets. She is friendly with children, men, and women alike. Her foster family is currently working on distractive conditioning while there are animals on the TV as she will bark at them – but now will respond to a “come” and “sit” with a treat in hand. Laya is up to date on shots, spayed, and available to the right home!

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Laya is currently being fostered in Charlotte, NC.

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