Name: Leveret
Age: 5-6 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Hiya, I’m Leveret! For those of you who don’t know, a leveret is a baby bunny – it’s a teensy bit embarrassing, but my foster mom said that with my big ol’ ears, she just couldn’t think of any better name for me.

A while back, I was just wandering around and exploring – minding my own business, really – when I was picked up and taken to a place called the pound. That was pretty scary, honestly. But, a nice lady came for me and told me that I was safe and would never ever have to go back, and that I would have such a better life from then on. Boy was she on to something! My foster home is just the best – I have my own den (mom calls it a “crate”) where I love to sleep and have quiet time, lots of toys (I LOVE toys!), foster siblings to play with (wrestle wrestle wrestle!), and plenty of yummy food (actually, I wish there was more food – I can never have enough food!). On pretty days, I get to go on adventures around the neighborhood with my foster brother, and that is so much fun! I also go to my friends’ houses for playdates, and boy oh boy those are just great! I like to think that I get along with pretty much everyone, but, in the interest of full disclosure, sometimes when I’m tired I can be a little grouchy. That’s when mom says it’s nap time, and I go hang out in my den for a little bit.

If I could pick my perfect home (besides my foster home, of course), I would definitely say that I want a mom or dad (or both!) who has plenty of time to spend with me playing and going on adventures. I really enjoy my foster siblings, so having a fuzzy brother or sister who will play with me would be great! Hopefully, they’re laid back and fun, and will share their cool toys with me. I would prefer not to stay in my den all day long, but I guess it would be okay, so long as my new mom or dad made sure to spend lots of time with me before and after they leave to go on their own adventures. I don’t need TONS of playtime, I’m a pretty chill little dude (especially compared to my foster brothers), but I’m still a puppy and I get bored easily.


Leveret (Lev) is a 5-6 month old blond and white Aussie puppy with a bobbed tail and the biggest ears you’ve ever seen. He is very sweet and affectionate, and relatively moderate on the energy scale (as far as Aussie puppies go). He’s a quick learner, and already knows “sit”, is working on “down”, crates very easily, walks well on a leash, rides fine in the car, and rarely ever has an accident inside. His foster mom swears he’s one of the easiest puppies she’s had.

While Lev is a great pup, he will still require an adopter who is experienced with herding dogs, and who will be dedicated to ongoing training and plenty of exercise. Leveret is also a big, broad boy, and we guess that he’ll mature to be at least 50 pounds. He’s very soft, and will likely be quite the fluffy Aussie, so be prepared for above-average grooming needs.

Leveret is not a double merle, despite his white-looking coat. He is a yellow Aussie, and is actually very pale blond with green eyes. His hearing and vision seem perfectly normal, however he does have a slight head tilt and wobbliness that could be caused by mild neurological issues, or inner ear issues. He has seen a vet and got a 100% clean bill of health, and the tilt/wobble should be monitored over time.

Our preferred adopter for Leveret would be a knowledgeable, dedicated, patient family who does not work extremely long hours away from home, and has another friendly, playful dog to keep Lev company. Leveret has met cats and shows little interest in them, however he is not fostered with cats that live in the house with him. He has also not been exposed to small children – while we do not think that he would have any problems with them, we will not place him in a family with children under the age of five.

Leveret is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $350, and he is fostered in Durham, NC. Please keep in mind that we require all puppies to be enrolled in an obedience class (or approved equivalent) by their adopters within 60 days of adoption.