Magpie (Maggie)

Magpie (Maggie)

Maggie is an approximately one year-old puppy. She’s a black tri with lighter tan markings.

She has a fantastic temperament. She loves everybody, gets along with other dogs and she has a very soft mouth. She takes treats very politely. (She will quickly tell another dog that she wants to be first, however!)

She is a “talker”. When it’s time to eat she stands at the dog food container and barks once, as in “Notice me!” and wags her tail furiously. She is intelligent and is quick to learn new things. She taught herself how to use a dog door, and has learned to sit on command.

She’s doing well with crate training and goes in willingly and eats there and sleeps quietly at night. (She “talks” just a bit when she first goes in and when it’s time to come out in the morning. She loves to play with toys and will run and get toys that you toss and bring them back for you to tug with her or to toss again.

She would make a great obedience dog or family pet. She is a true joy, and an easy dog to be around.

Maggie is currently being fostered in Youngsville, NC.

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