Max Patch

Name: Max Patch
Age: 10 weeks (beginning of May 2017)
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

Little Max Patch will steal your heart! Blind from birth, Max was found abandoned by the side of a road at only 8 weeks old. Despite this sad beginning, Max is an amiable and happy fellow with a steady, sturdy disposition.

Max is very affectionate and loves belly rubs and snuggling. He gets along great with the dogs in his foster home and especially enjoys wrestling and playing with the other young dog. He will occasionally try to coax the older dogs to play (with no success) by play bowing and barking in front of them.

Do not be put off by the fact that Max is blind. This is his world and he handles it with competence, and curiosity. Within two days in his foster home, Max was negotiating his way across the yard, up the deck steps, through the dog door into the porch and on through the house to the kitchen! When it is cool outside, Max enjoys wandering around the back yard with his foster mom or romping around near his foster brothers when he hears them running in the yard. When he has had enough of the action he will head up the steps and into the kitchen for a rest.

Max is learning all the things other puppies learn. He is doing very well with his housebreaking and knows to pee when he is brought out to his designated grassy spot. When his foster mom is derelict in getting him out when he needs to, he pretty consistently goes to the puppy pad to pee. Max is crate trained and will often choose to go in his crate to take a nap. Max is learning some basic commands like sit, down and come. He is working on learning to walk on leash and has been taking short little walks around his cul de sac for practice. He is being introduced to some special verbal commands such as “bump”, “step” and “easy” to help him make his way around more safely.

Max shows some sensitivity to loud or unknown sounds, startling when he hears them. His tendency is to seek a safe spot at these times– heading to the house if he is outside, or toward his crate if in. Max is somewhat tentative in new situations, but with a little time, will acclimate to new people and strange surroundings. He appears to be medium energy at this time, but that can change with age, and being an aussie, he can be expected to need a fair amount of exercise and mental stimulation. He enjoys chew toys, playing tug-o-war and wrestling with his foster brother.

Max would do well in a quieter household with a simple physical environment, including a traditionally fenced yard. Adopters should be aware of his need for sufficent stimulation of his senses, while also giving him order, routine and appropriate training. He would benefit greatly from an amiable doggy companion. He will only be placed in a home with children over ten. He has not been tested with cats. Max is truly a joy and delight. He will make someone a wonderful and loving companion.

Max will be available for adoption once he has completed his next round of vaccinations. He is currently fostered in Manteo, NC.