Maz Kanata

Name: Maz Kanata
Age: 5 months (October 2018)
Breed: Cattle Dog/Great Pyrenees mix
Gender: Female

Maz Kanata (aka Maz-Rataz, Pee-Wee, Ow-Stop-That-That-Hurts) is a five month old Australian Cattle Dog-Great Pyrenees mix (yes, you read that right) who is sweet, sassy, and wicked smart.

This girl is a perfect blend of the two breeds – both the good and the bad, but mostly the good. She is very people focused and a dream to train, but she also enjoys talking back to human and dog alike – this girl is opinionated and not afraid to share it! The Pyr seems to have cut the ACD energy to a level manageable by mere mortals and we predict she will be in the moderate to moderate-high range. She currently enjoys an hour of playtime with her foster brother before the workday and several hours after and is beginning to sleep through the night. Maz has surprisingly good recall for such a young pup – when she wants to – occasionally the notorious Pyr selective hearing kicks in and she conveniently forgets what “come” means. So her foster family would prefer a fenced in yard or commitment to leash walking/running. Despite her namesake, we do expect Maz to be on the larger side given her breed mix and current weight – our best guess is 50-70lb full grown.

Maz adores her foster brother and would love a male canine sibling in her forever home. We expect that she is young enough to learn to live with dog savvy cats and respectful children (who don’t mind razor sharp teeth for the next few months). When she’s not sassing back, she adores humans and cuddles – baths no so much. Maz is working on potty training and crate training – she now happily runs into her crate and sits for each meal and will go in for the day with a toy or treat. Speaking of toys – does this girl LOVE tennis balls. Her favorite game (besides chewing on her foster brother) is carrying around one tennis ball while playing soccer with another (perhaps she’s been watching a bit too much World Cup?!)! She settles nicely with a bone or antler when she’s a bit more worn out.

Maz is going to make an AMAZING addition to her forever home.

Maz Kanata is up to date on vaccines and is microchipped.  She is fostered in Charlotte, NC, and her adoption fee is $350.

In addition to the adoption fee there is a $200 spay and training deposit that will be refunded upon proof of completion by 6 months of age. Please visit our website for more information on this deposit.