Sweet Affectionate Mia!

Mia is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Her brown soulful eyes will melt your heart. She is a smooth coated border collie who is around one year old. She was dropped off at a shelter where she gave birth to a litter of puppies, but because of how emaciated Mia was, the puppies did not survive. Mia is very affectionate even though she has a rough past. Upon meeting new people, Mia is shy and timid but she warms up with time. She loves to give kisses and enjoys any attention that you will give her. Mia’s favorite activity is wrestling with her foster brother! She has been exposed to large and small dogs and does great with both. She is gentle with small dogs and easily holds her own with dogs three times her size. Mia has not been exposed to cats but does not seem to have a high prey drive and would most likely do fine.

In addition to dogs, Mia does very well with the neighborhood children and has become very devoted to her foster family in such a short time period. It will take her a few days to warm up, but once she does, she will easily transfer her love to her forever family.

Mia is house and crate trained. She loves her crate and sees it as a safe place. She will enter her crate with no fuss at all. Mia does well being left in a crate but has some anxiety when left outdoors alone without her people or other dogs. She loves to be right by her people’s side and will try to find a way back inside the house or out of the fence. Mia doesn’t completely know her name yet but she has great recall. She walks pretty well on a leash for a dog that has most likely never seen a leash and she does not pull. In new situations Mia enjoys sitting back and watching to try to determine her place.

Would love for you to meet Mia knowing she will touch your heart as quickly as she has ours!

Mia is currently being fostered in Thomasville, NC.

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