Name: MIles
Age: 2 years
Breed: Aussie/Border mix
Gender: male
Weight: 32 lbs

Say hello to Miles! Miles is around two yearold, weighs 32 pounds, and is what we believe to be a Border Collie/Aussie/herding breed mix (maybe some cattle dog?) who found himself in a shelter in rural North Carolina. If being lost and ending up in a shelter wasn’t bad enough, he was also found to be heartworm positive. 

Miles is beyond thankful to be out of the shelter for a lot of reasons- but the main one being that he can now spend quality time with humans – which seems to be one of his biggest passions in life. If you looked up “velcro dog” in the dictionary, you very well might find a photo of Miles. He is truly happiest when some part of him is touching some part of you. 
He is a super handsome guy, which you can see from his photos. He has piercing light brown eyes, the softest ears, and an adorable kind of nub-kind of not of a tail. His good looks don’t compare to his super sweet personality and his smarts! He is learning all kinds of good things quickly (his name, sit, come, not marking inside and doing his business outside)! 
He still has many things to work on- like not counter-surfing, learning his crate is an okay place to be (he usually settles into it after about an hour or so), and that his humans WILL come back to him. He is very enthusiastic about other dogs, but is learning how to be polite and give space to dogs who want some space. He has yet to be tested with cats and children. 
He has a decent amount of energy, but also definitely knows how to relax and take a snooze when his humans are relaxing. He has shown his herding colors in that he loves his humans, is sensitive to sounds (so far not in a bad way), and has done a tiny bit of circling with his current small-dog housemate. 
Miles is up to date on vaccines, will be neutered on Tuesday, and will start HW treatment soon. After he gets a clean bill of health, he will be beyond excited to find the human(s) that he can call his own. One thing is for sure: he’s going to make a really wonderful best friend.
Please consider donating to his treatment so we can continue to help down on their luck herders in the Southeast!