Hi Aussie lovers! I am Monty little, red merle guy. No one really knows how old I am some say 1 some say 2. My foster mom thinks closer to one ‘cuz she says now that I am feeling comfortable I am acting like a puppy. So shoes and cords need to be out of my reach.

I wasn’t comfortable at first ‘cuz I was really confused about everything that was happening, i was with my people, then I was in a very noisy yucky place then, a nice lady came and got me, I went to the vet, then to her house, she had other friends at her house, but I wasn’t sure why I was there or where my other people had gone. So I was scared and confused.

Then I moved on to my foster moms house where I am getting to try so many things. I have 2 foster sisters who are not really into playing, but I am still trying. I can steal the ones ball and make her chase me all over the yard and into the swimming pool. Hey ya know, kiddie pools are great, they help you keep nice and cool in this Carolina heat! There is a little fuzzy cat here too and she is so cool. When she comes inside at night for dinner and bed she head bumps me and rubs under my chin. I give her kisses. I didn’t know cats could be such cool friends! I’ve met one human kid who I just wanted to kiss, and kiss, and kiss – but I’m not sure how I would feel about too many rambunctious ones running around just yet.

They say that my first people turned me in because I barked too much. This is very confusing as they only times I have barked were 1. When I was outside and the neighbor was mowing his lawn and 2. When I was watching the world passing by the giant from window and a kid kept playing at the corner on his skateboard. I was protecting my house. Isn’t that what dogs do?

I am a very good boy in my crate during the day when foster mom is working and at night to sleep, they only challenge is getting me to go in. I would rather stay out like my siblings but mom says no. So we are working on it. I am also learning about the leash, I like to be the leader. That’s what Aussies do! But I am trying to remember that I am not to pull that I need to walk nice and be beside my foster mom.


Monty is neutered, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines.

Monty is being fostered in Spartanburg SC.

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