Naya Kanga

Name: Naya
Age: 1-2 years
Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female
Weight: 21 lbs.

Meet Naya, a 1-2 year old, double merle, mini Aussie. Naya is a 21 pound cuddle bug who loves to play with other dogs and is hilariously endearing while entertaining herself (imagine her throwing a ball for herself and running around the yard after it). At the dog park, restaurants, and shops Naya captures the attention and praise of many people.
Due to breeding two merle Aussies together Naya is deaf and has fairly impaired vision. She doesn’t have great peripheral vision and seems to be pretty near sighted. She startles when surprised from the sides, and while sleeping I’ve learned it’s best to wake her gently so she doesn’t jump through the roof. Whomever ends up adopting Naya should take special care adapting her to her new environment so she’s setup for a successful transition. That said, no one told Naya she has disabilities and thus she plays hard, likes running through the woods, and she runs into things or missteps about as often as dogs with perfect hearing and vision.
Once she bonds with a person, she does display guarding behavior of her person (and the home) both in public and at home.  While not an uncommon behavior for herding dogs, being hearing and vision impaired does make correction a bit more challenging, she will need a family who understands this behavior and is willing to continue working with her on it.
Naya didn’t receive much training in her former life, but has proven to be very enthusiastic about learning new skills. She’s learning to recall with a vibrating collar, sit, and down are in the bag. Stay is a work in progress… Her leash etiquette is different than most young dogs in that she prefers to walk at your side or just behind you.
Naya is housebroken, good with cats and dogs but is NOT suitable to a home with children. She gets a little nervous when being left at home, but seems to settle down quickly. Naya is incredibly calm and low energy for a young Aussie.
Naya is spayed, UTD on vaccinations, and is microchipped. She is currently fostered in Durham, NC and her adoption fee is $300.