Name: Oakley
Age: 14 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male

I am Oakley, a 14 month old, 42lb (I should fill out a few more pounds) Aussie boy looking for my forever home. I am quite the cuddle bug and I think I am a great size for a lap dog, don’t you? My foster mom and dad are helping me to learn that it’s okay for me to lay on the floor a few feet away from them. I still like to get up and follow them everywhere they go (they call me “Velcro”, whatever that means). I am sad when they leave so I start to whine, bark, and pace when they go upstairs (I’m not allowed up there because of the cats) or leave the house. I am crate trained and will go into my crate with a little help, but sometimes I whine and bark to get my foster parent’s attention – they said I’m getting better but definitely need someone willing to work with me on it! I can be anxious at times so I will bark, whine, and pace when I get worked up. It’s hard for me to focus on anything other than what I am anxious about despite my foster parents’ best efforts to distract me with something fun.

I love people, but I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do when it comes to meeting new people and dogs so I bark! I get so anxious to meet new people that I bark quite loudly trying to get their attention and jump towards them, but apparently not everyone wants to meet me. My foster mom says it’s because I look a bit like a crazy dog with no manners (what are manners??) and people and other dogs don’t know what to think of me. I would love it if my new family could help me with proper training and continued socialization. Once I do get to say hello (I hope you have treats ready!), I will be your best friend. I did well when I went to a quiet pet store with only a few people, so my foster mom knows I have it in me to greet people appropriately. I would really like someone who is willing to do some training with me that will give me focus and a job to help curb some of my anxiousness. I can catch a ball quite well, but don’t know how to fetch one or bring it back. My foster mom thinks I might do well in a dog sport if someone were interested, but I might also be okay with having a job at home and going for a walk/run every day as long as you play with me too! She says as much as I love cuddling, I am definitely no couch potato!

I am HIGHLY interested in cats so I CANNOT be in a home with cats or other small animals. I’m not sure how I would do with kids with how anxious I get about meeting new people. My foster mom is worried I will scare kids initially, so I haven’t gotten to meet any yet, in my previous home I did OK with the resident preteens. I get along well with other dogs provided I receive proper, SLOW introductions outside at first. I bark at other dogs when I want them to play, which some think is a little obnoxious (I’m still a puppy!) and I do play a little rough once I get going which not everyone likes. I don’t like to share my toys too much with other dogs, but I am learning how thanks to my awesome foster brother. Speaking of toys, I LOVE them. I love them so much, I have destroyed every toy I have come in contact with (except a KONG and a tennis ball, and I’m working on destroying those too). I would do best with a fenced in yard since I get so excited about things outside the fence! Though I have done well respecting the 4’ tall fence my foster home. I am quite strong and pull very hard on a leash, especially when I find something I am interested in or want to chase! My foster mom says I need someone who is willing to work on my leash manners and other general manners too so I can focus my anxious energy into something positive.

I am UTD on vaccines, microchipped, neutered and ready for my new home! I am currently fostered in Apex, NC and my adoption fee is $300.

Oakley would do best in a home with NO small children or animals, an experienced owner willing to work with his anxious energy, and someone who loves to cuddle. With continued training and socialization he would be an excellent sport prospect.