Name: Onion
Age: 11 weeks
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female

Onion is an 11 week old (as of July 8), deaf and blind, double merle Aussie puppy. Put all low expectations and images of a sad, deprived puppy aside– Onion is happy, sweet and feisty! She negotiates a known environment environment with ease and will confidently explore a new area, unfazed by the occasional bump along the way. She enjoys the company of other dogs and will wrestle and play, or snuggle and snooze along side her foster brothers.

Onion has a unique ability to keep herself happily entertained. One morning, shortly after being introduced to the dog door, she spent half an hour “practicing” it–taking herself in and out in a variety of interesting ways. She enjoys chew toys, tugging, exploring, carrying toys about, digging in the sand pit in the yard, and splashing in and out of the kiddie pool.

Onion greets all people with utter delight! She does have the young puppy’s desire to mouth; and bare feet and ankles bring out her piranha-like tendencies. Her foster mom is working on helping her find more appropriate ways to greet and show her affection. In her quieter moods she will cuddle right up to you and she Loves belly rubs.

Onion has been introduced to the crate, spending a couple hours at a time in one. She fusses and walks around for awhile, but will eventually settle. At this point she is happier left in a gated section of the kitchen. She sleeps there quietly through the night. Her house training is still in the early stages, but it is improving and in a limited area she uses puppy pads with a fair degree of accuracy. Onion is learning sit and down with touch signals. She is learning to walk on a harness and leash.

Onion looks to be a high-medium energy level dog. She is seeking an adopter with understanding of a herding dog’s need for both physical and mental exercise and the patience and creativity to adapt to her special needs in order to allow her to thrive. She needs a traditionally fenced yard and a home with no children under age ten. She would do best in a home with a doggy companion or someone with her a good portion of the day.

Onion is fostered in Manteo, NC, and her adoption fee is $350. She is current on her scheduled puppy vaccines, and will be microchipped prior to adoption.