Name: Onyx
Age: 14 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female

Onyx is a beautiful dog, inside and out! She loves people, is very sweet, affectionate and eager to please. She is a typical “Velcro” Aussie who can generally be found somewhere in the vicinity of your feet.

Onyx listens well and enjoys training and working with people. She is highly responsive to clear direction and mild verbal correction. Being a typically assertive female Aussie, she should have an owner with some dog experience and the ability to be the leader.

Onyx has been attending some sessions of her foster brother’s beginning agility class. She has been working on basic obedience, body awareness and introduction to some equipment. She is athletic, and food motivated. She shows promise as a dog sport candidate or great hiking or jogging buddy.

Onyx loves to engage in activities with her people and would love an owner who would involve her in their daily life and not leave her alone for long periods. She likes to ride in the car, visit pet smart and romp on the beach. She loves going on walks, although she does pull on leash some. She has done well on a no pull harness. She has been a wonderful jogging partner for her foster mom.

Onyx gets along well with other dogs. She is currently living with 5 foster brothers of various ages and sizes. She has been friendly with other female dogs she has met as well. She enjoys playing with other dogs, but would need play companions who could handle her rough and ready play style. She has not, however, pestered the very old dog or very small dog in her household.

Onyx is not living with cats in her foster home. She did spend a few days in a temporary foster home with cats and did not bother them. She has not bothered the small Papillon in her current foster home, but does show interest in chasing squirrels when out walking. She would likely do fine with very dog savvy cats.

Onyx is housebroken and crate trained. She does bark when first left in the crate but will settle with a tasty kong or chew toy. She knows sit and down, is working on stay and has a good recall.

Onyx is a typically energetic, young Aussie who will need an owner who understands the importance of providing her with daily mental and physical exercise, companionship, love and appropriate leadership. Onyx is so eager for love and attention she occasionally will lean rather heavily against your legs or attempt to nibble very gently on your clothes to get attention. She is learning more appropriate ways to get petted, but because of this tendency, will only be place with children over ten. She would enjoy a home with a hardy, playful doggy companion, but would do fine as an only dog in a situation where she was not left alone for long periods of time.

At 14 months Onyx is a little on the tall side for a female and may fill out a bit more. She currently weighs 44 pounds, but could stand to gain a little weight. Onyx is fostered in Manteo, North Carolina. She is UTD on vaccines, spayed and microchipped.