Name: Opal
Age: approx 3 months (March 2018)
Breed: Shepherd mix (possibly Husky or German Shepherd)
Gender: Female

Opal is a precious, fluffy snowball (if snowballs had pointy dagger-teeth!) who was found abandoned in the woods near one of our volunteers’ neighborhood. She’s around three months old, and our best guess is that she is an Australian cattle dog mixed with husky, maybe German Shepherd.

Not only is Opal completely adorable, like many white “piebald” dogs, she is completely deaf. Not to worry, however, because deaf puppies are just as smart, capable, and trainable as puppies who can hear. In fact, some may even prefer deaf puppies, as they can’t hear you wake up in the middle of the night when you raid the fridge (those “normal” puppies will rat you out, every time)!

We’ll have more information to share with you all about Opal soon. She will need a family committed to training and exercise, as none of her potential mixes are known for laziness. Opal will go home with at least two rounds of age-appropriate vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $350, and she is currently fostered in North Augusta, SC.