Name: Petra
Age: 7 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female
Weight: 35 lbs.

Meet Petra, or Little P Puppy, as her foster parents often call her. Petra is a 6-7 month old purebred Australian Shepherd puppy – a very minimally-patterned blue merle sweetheart with a docked tail. This little girl came to Carolina Hearts from a bad backyard-breeding situation, and will need a special home with patient and knowledgeable adopters. Her foster dad named her “Petra” because her unique coloration is reminiscent of swirly oil sheen. Petra currently weighs 35 pounds, and she will likely remain under 45 pounds full-grown.

Before coming to foster care, Petra had lived her entire life outside in a filthy pen with her mother and siblings. Her “breeders” thought it would be fun to let their female Aussie have puppies, but when all the puppies weren’t purchased immediately, they lost interest and left the remaining pups to their own devices. While Petra is absolutely the sweetest, snuggliest girl, there’s a lot of “normal” things she never experienced during her very young, impressionable days – leashes, crates, hardwood floors, doorways, riding in cars, etc. Fortunately, Petra is a very smart little lady, and she picks up on things quickly!

The best way to think about Petra is that she’s basically a 9-10 week old puppy in a 6-7 month old body. She’s been in foster care for around three weeks now, and her foster parents have worked on her leash walking and crate training skills, as well as house training. These are all “works in progress” and any family who adopts Little P will need to be committed to continuing her training with patience and consistency. She does still cry in her crate a bit (she’s much better now, though – mom and dad can finally get full nights of sleep!), and she still submissively urinates when she’s nervous, but every day she gets more comfortable and confident in herself.

Petra has all the energy of an adolescent Aussie, and she does best when she’s getting adequate exercise. Currently, she goes on at least one two-mile walk a day, and she spends the rest of her “free time” exploring the yard and wrestling with her foster brothers, or taking obedience lessons from her foster mom. Like all Aussie puppies, Petra can find ways to entertain herself if she’s bored, and that typically means chewing something not meant to be chewed. Like we said, though, she is super smart – she knows “sit,” will crate up on command, has excellent recall for her age, and took to the leash very quickly.

Petra’s perfect home would be an Aussie-experienced adopter with the time and willingness to continue helping this girl to blossom. We would also prefer for her to have a friendly male sibling to play with, or access to areas for canine socialization and playtime often (like daycare or safe, controlled dog parks). Preference will also be given to homes with securely fenced yards, as we’re not sure that an apartment setting would be the best environment for this girl due to her socialization and training needs. Before applying to adopt Petra, please familiarize yourself with our policies relating to adopting puppies – specifically our obedience training requirement. Thus far in foster, Petra has loved every dog she’s met, ignored the resident kitties, and she loves people despite being a little bit shy. Due to her shyness, we don’t feel that Petra would really enjoy living with multiple loud, busy small children, but she is a sweetheart with humans of all ages and sizes.

Petra is spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. She is fostered in Durham, NC, and her adoption fee is $325. Please visit our website for more information and to apply.