Princess Val

Princess Val

Meet Princess Val! You wouldn’t know it from her photos, but she had a rough start in life. But Val is a fighter and now she is a happy, bouncy, crazy, fun, loving puppy. She’s a petite little thing right now (6 pounds soaking wet), but don’t let her size fool you. She can hang with the big boys any day.

Val is a 12 week old double merle Australian Shepherd. She is deaf and vision impaired. There are some moments though that her foster mom thinks she sees every single thing in front of her. She appears to be able to see light/dark and larger objects, but she also manages to prance right under the kitchen table with 24 dining room chair legs in her way and never hits a single one. She’s pretty amazing.

Val is a bit of a toy hoarder, but don’t tell her that. It’s just who she is. She loves to find them around the house and bring them right back to “her” bed and she knows exactly where it is. She will happily share her toys with canine or feline friends alike. She loves to play and is great at tug. She is full of energy and her family will need to continue her obedience training. She will need the same thing any other aussie needs, both physical and mental exercise.

She is a quick learner too. She sits and waits patiently for you to pet her or pick her up. She is learning to potty outside and is doing very well. She will need to continue her crate training in her forever home. She doesn’t mind being in her crate and will settle down pretty quickly. On the other hand, when she has to go potty or wants to eat, she has no problem letting you know that too.

Did we mention she’s a killer snuggler? Once she’s done playing or finished her nose scent work, she settles in for some good snuggle sessions. She loves to be next to her person and will seek them out.

Princess Val is fierce and vibrant and full of life. Every day is her best day. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way and she deserves a family that will nurture her independent spirit.

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