Name: Puck
Age: 5 months (July 2019)
Breed: Aussie mix
Gender: Male

Puck is an adorable 5 month old Aussie (or Husky??) mix puppy that loves EVERYTHING! Yep, everything. Breakfast? His favorite thing! Couch cuddling? His favorite thing! Playtime outside? His favorite thing! Following his humans around to be a part of what they are doing? His favorite thing!

Puck knows that puppies can be a lot of work, so while he was recovering from his recent leg surgery he’s been working really hard on his puppy basics so that he’s a good boy for his new family. So far Puck has mastered house training, crate training, learning to sit, and he’s working on “off” and “down.” Puck is extremely food motivated and eager to please once he understands what you want him to do. He happily sleeps in his crate quietly at night and has had no potty accidents with his foster family. 

Like most puppies, Puck has a seemingly endless supply of energy but will happily crash out and snooze once he has burned it off. Puck would do well with an active family that can fulfill his love to PLAY PLAY PLAY! Puck gets along fine with other dogs and cats, but his need to PLAY PLAY PLAY may not be a good fit for senior dogs or dogs who don’t enjoy regular wrestling or nascar chasing in the back yard. Puck would be fine as an only dog as long as his family is committed to exercise and training. He loves kids and would do fine with children over 6 who don’t mind the occasional puppy nibble.

Upon joining Carolina Hearts Puck underwent surgery to repair a nasty leg break.  He is several weeks post op and is available for adoption, provided his new family is willing to continue his daily physical therapy.  He will also need glucosamine supplements for the rest of his life to ensure his legs stays strong and healthy.  

Puck is currently fostered in Columbia, SC.  His adoption fee is $350 and an additional neuter/training deposit of $200 that will be refunded upon proof of neuter and enrollment in a training course (addional details will be provided at time of adoption).  He is microchipped and UTD on vaccinations and has started heartworm preventatives.

If you are an approved applicant and are interested in Puck, please contact the adoption committee.