Rachel Carson

Name: Rachel Carson
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Female

Meet Rachel Carson. The cutest little possum puppy you have ever seen. Why a possum puppy? Well because she sometimes looks like a snuggly little possum baby with fluffy hair. ??

Rachel was born with a condition called microopthalmia which basically means her eyes and eye sockets are underdeveloped. She is blind but can see shadows. She also seems to have some issues figuring out where sounds come from. As she gets older and has less puppy ADHD, she will be able to figure the sound part out better. Rachel has already made great improvement in this area just in the past week.

Rachel is super duper smart. She figures stuff out quickly. She had our house mapped out within a week, knowing where all of the dog beds are and where the water dish is.

She also loves dogs and is very respectful to all of the seniors in her foster home. She thinks cats are cool and the human 4 year old is her best friend ever.

Rachel also likes to be held and snuggled but only for a few minutes and then she wants down to play.

She sleeps all night quietly in her crate.

Rachel is darling. She will make a great companion for a family who can see her for the individual she is and not her disability.