Name: Reilly
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross
Gender: Male
Weight: 34 lbs.

Meet Reilly! Reilly is a ~2 yr old BC or BC/Aussie mix who has captured the love and adoration of everyone he has met. At 34 lbs, he makes a perfect cuddling buddy as well as an awesome athlete – both of which he is excelling at in his foster home.

Reilly is lightning fast, and loves to demonstrate his near super sonic speeds by having all his foster siblings chase him around the yard in circles (he always wins unless they cheat!). He is also working on his frisbee skills and learning some agility/jumping. His favourite thing is playing with other dogs. He’s met a wide variety of sizes and temperaments and he hasn’t met one he doesn’t love! He also has the remarkable ability to get dogs who don’t usually play to play with him — he’s pretty much the popular kid around his foster home. When he’s not wrestling or playing tug with his foster sisters, he can be found curled up sleeping right next to them.

He is a very affectionate pup and after he is done romping, loves to settle down in the house and be with his people. He’s an avid kisser and would probably earn you millions if you set up a kissing booth.

He is very good on leash as long as he has a gentle leader on and has been going for runs with his foster mom. He is working on basic manners such as sitting before going through doors, waiting before getting in and out of the car, and general obedience, in addition to his agility and frisbee training. With solid repetition, he learns things very easily.

Reilly would do best in a home with a playful canine sibling – he is fairly submissive, so as long as they are playful, he gets along with them. He would also like someone to continue with his active career as either a runner or with sports. He will need someone with some experience with positive training as he has moments where he gets very worked up and tends to “zone out” – especially if he thinks he is being left behind somewhere or at a barrier with new dogs.

He is fully house-trained, crate-trained and UTD on all vaccines and neutered. He is currently charming his foster parents in Durham, NC. His adoption fee is $300.