Name: Smalls
Age: 6 months
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog
Gender: Female

Smalls was one of the shyest of her siblings when she first came to us. She had been living outdoors and had not been properly socialized. Even though she is timid, this sweet little girl does not have a mean bone in her body. The only time she has ever growled was at thunder. She likes other dogs but LOVES cats. She plays very gently with our two cats. She is the definition of a “Velcro Dog”- She will follow you throughout the house. She likes to lay on the couch in your lap (and I mean IN your lap) and in the bed with you. She is fully potty trained and crate trained. We are still working on leash manners. She is very smart and gets the hang of the leash after about 3 minutes of walking on it outside. She is very relaxed and does not have the normal Aussie energy – even for a puppy. She likes squeaky toys, hasn’t figured tennis balls out yet but LOVES bones. She will chew on a bone on the couch during an entire movie. She likes to run around in the yard and loves dog parks.

Please keep in mind this little girl is still very scared and timid. She will submissive pee if she gets scared or too excited. She will bark at new people for about the first few minutes. It will take her a little while to warm up to you – but once she does, you will have a super soft cuddly girl who is your best friend. She also likes to dig holes in the yard, but will come as soon as she is called. She rides very well in the car and is fine getting her nails clipped.